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A scroll saw is available for use in the Invention Studio in the Wood Room. It is a RYOBI 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw (Model #: SC164VS, Serial #: AZ 0845 06560). Although use of the scroll saw is not difficult, following good operating practices will simultaneously keep you safe and give you better results.

RYOBI 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw


  • Tight cutting radius yields precision cuts
  • Making interior cuts
  • Cuts wood up to 1/2" thick
  • Unsafe for metal cutting

Basic Operations

Make a Cut

  1. Ensure that the cutting guard and the blade are securely attached to the machine.
  2. Place your material on the cutting surface of the scroll saw.
  3. Turn on the scroll saw by pressing the red switch at the top of the machine.
  4. Adjust the speed of the scroll saw with the knob in the back. Harder woods require slower speeds, while softer woods can handle faster speeds.
  5. Guide your material into the blade. If a standard blade is installed, push the material in the direction of the blade. If an omnidirectional blade is installed, push the material from any direction into the blade. Note: Omnidirectional blades are more fragile than standard, and they require a lighter touch.

Replacing a Blade

Labeled Pictures coming soon.

  1. Loosen the tension by sliding the tension lever all the way to the left.
  2. Loosen the plastic wing nuts on the top and bottom blade fasteners. (The bottom one is below the cutting surface.)
  3. Remove the blade - or the pieces of the blade - from the machine.
  4. Thread the replacement blade through the hole in the cutting surface and into the bottom blade fastener.
  5. Tighten the bottom wing nut.
  6. Slide the top edge of the blade into the top blade fastener.
  7. Tighten the top wing nut.
  8. Increase the tension on the blade until the blade has very little side-to-side give when applying pressure.

Making an Interior Cut

  1. Using the drill press or a hand drill, put at least a 1/4" diameter hole into your interior waste.
  2. Loosen the tension on the scroll saw.
  3. Loosen the top blade fastener, and pull the blade out from that.
  4. Thread the blade through the hole in your material.
  5. Secure the blade in the top blade fastener.
  6. Reapply tension to the blade.
  7. Operate the scroll saw as normal.

Trouble Shooting

I keep breaking blades.

You are applying too much pressure to your material. Instead of aggressively forcing the material into the blade, try firmly guiding it.

The scroll saw is on and moving, but it isn't cutting.

The blade may not be fully secured in the blade fasteners. Check those connections.

The scroll saw is giving a dangerous amount of kickback.

Needs a picture of the correct orientation of a scroll saw blade.

Turn off the machine immediately. The blade is on upside down. Please remove the blade, flip it over, and place it back in the machine.


Further information from RYOBI can be found on their website.