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The Wood Room hosts several machines that can help you smooth out the surface of your project.


  • Warning: Sanding creates a LOT of fine particulate, which is harmful to your lungs. In addition to the normal personal protective equipment required by the Wood Room, it is recommended that you either wear a disposable dust mask - available in the shop - or a particulate filter. (picture of particulate filter)
  • Warning: An excess of fine sawdust is a slip and trip hazard. Do your part to keep yourself and others safe in the Wood Room by cleaning up your sawdust. Please use either/both the room's ventilation system and our available shop vacs to do so.
  • Warning: Sparks in rooms with a large amount of airborne particulate can create fire or even explosions. Do not sand materials that create sparks - such as ferrous metals or titanium.

Types of Sanders Available

Disc Sander

(pic needed) Our Jet 12" Industrial Disc Finishing Machine spins a disk of sand paper in the vertical plane at 1960 RPM. (counter clockwise or clockwise?) (does the table adjust?) When using this device, hold your workpiece on the (left/right) side of the circle, so that the sandpaper is pulling the piece towards the guide, rather than pushing it away. While sanding, take special care to keep your material away from the wrong side of the circle, as contact can throw your workpiece and cause injury.

This type of sander is useful for shaping out pieces of wood, particularly in shaping rounded edges.

Belt Sander


Oscillating Belt Sander


Oscillating Spindle Sander

(pic) Our Jet Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander rotates sandpaper-covered spindles of various sizes, while also moving the entire spindle up and down. The table of the sander adjusts to different angles. While using this device, press your workpiece up against the spindle while the machine is on.

This type of sander is ideal for smoothing interior cuts and rounded profiles.

Random-Orbit Sander

Handheld Belt Sander

Additional methods

Sanding Blocks


Wood Scraper