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Welcome to the Invention Studio wiki! Here you can find information on:

  • What Tools we have available for use with handy reference guides
  • How to become an Invention Studio Prototyping Instructor (ISPI) on our Recruitment and Training page
  • And answers to all of your safety and policy questions in our ISPI manual

Tool information

Metal Shop*
Drill Press*
Sheet Metal Brake*
Tube Bender*
Sheet Metal Shear*
Belt Sander*
Bench Grinder*
Metal Chop Saw*
Slip Roller*
Arbor Press*
Spot Welder*
English Wheel*
Misc. Metalworking Tools*
Wood Room*
CNC Router*
Miter Saw*
Scroll Saw
Wood Lathe*
Drill Press*
Cutting Tools*
Table Saw*
Handheld Power Tools*
Circuit Mill*
Soldering Tools*
Logic Analyzer*
LCR Meter*
Circuit Diagnostic Tools*
IR Thermometer*
Electronics Microscope*
Xbox Kinect*
Oculus Rift DK2*
Misc. Electronics Consumables*
3D Printing Room*
UP! Mini 3D Printer*
Afinia 3D Printer*
Leapfrog 3D Printer*
MakerBot Z18 3D Printer*
Formlab 1+ 3D Printer*
Hyrel Engine 3D Printer*
3D Filament Recycling*
David 3D Scanner*
Vinyl Cutter
Sewing Lab/Capstone Room
Dimension uPrint 3D Printer
Dimension bst 768 3D Printer
Dimension sst 1200es 3D Printer
mcor iris 3D Printer
Objet Eden 250 3D Printer
Sewing Machine
Vacuum Former*
Machine Shop
Manual Mill
Manual Lathe
CNC Mill
CNC Lathe
Injection Molding
Waterjet Room*
OMAX Waterjet*
Trotec Laser Cutters
Base bath*

ISPI information

Invention Studio Prototyping Instructors (ISPIs) may log in and edit this wiki. PLEASE READ THE STYLE GUIDE BEFORE EDITING THE WIKI.

  • To become a ISPI, read the Recruitment and Training article.
  • Log-in to access google docs and spreadsheets with information on hours, projects, buying tools, contact information.
  • Take a look at the ISPI manual and the Exec manual for more detailed information on how the studio is run.