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The 3d Print Room

The 3D Printing Room, located in MRDC 2104, is home to the Studio's vast collection of rapid prototyping machines (3D Printers).

3D Printers

3D Printers are additive manufacturing machines that build parts by adding material to a working volume. The 3D Printers available to students are categorized into professional printers and consumer printers. The consumer printers are located in the 3D Printing room and require the user to have an (.STL) file to print. A list of the consumer 3D printers is located in the Consumer 3D Printers category. Any 3D modeling program can output parts in the (.STL) format. The professional printers also take (.STL) files, but usage is more limited due to cost. See the Professional 3D Printers page for more information on using the professional 3D printers.

Personal Protective Equipment

Upon entering

  • Nothing - Come on in!

Required when removing rafts

  • Safety Glasses - Provided in the drawers in between the work tables.
  • Gloves - Provided in the bottom drawer in between the work tables.

Emergency Procedures

GTPD NUMBER: 404-894-2500

  • Consult the Red book located in every room. Emergency protocol per machine can be found on the wiki for each machine.
  • In the event of an Emergency that has resulted in injury or possible loss of life dial GTPD immediately. Phones are located in every room.
  • If there is a fire, and it is small, put it out and clear the smoke, even if the fire alarm goes off. Make sure that you always have an exit in the process.
  • If there is blood, contact facilities to clean it up. Make sure that all contaminated items are disposed of properly (e.g. no bloody razors in the trash unless in a labeled container)
  • There are first aid kits in all of the rooms, know where they are and get familiar with what is in each of them.
  • If you alone after hours when there is an emergency, get to a phone as quickly as possible and call for help. If you are working alone at night, be sure that you have a cell phone or access to a phone and GTPD's phone number on hand.
  • If in doubt, CALL FOR HELP. It is always better to be on the safe side.